How we produce and consume food is undergoing a dramatic transformation. From subterranean farms, space-enabled tech, and next-generation micro-foods, to lab-grown meat and ‘printed’ pizza, the agri-food industry has seen unprecedented levels of innovation. But as the pressures of population growth and climate change on our food systems increase, more collaboration and even bolder approaches are needed to mainstream eco-safe agri-food industry practices to meet global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Our 2021 agenda will address the sector’s key themes including…

Funding: How can sufficient funds be unlocked for the shift to sustainable food systems?

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Sustainability: How is land-use changing to bring it in line with global net-zero targets?

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Technology: What are the best-in-class climate-smart technologies currently on offer?

Incentives & Disincentives: What works and what doesn’t when it comes to sustainable agri-food business investments that are fair on producers?

Regulation: As players like Uber and Deliveroo enter a lightly regulated market, how is the regulatory framework keeping pace with new developments?

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Trade & Competitiveness: What does the future shape of global trade look like, and how will flows of food back and forth across the world change?

Head of Crop Transformation Group, John Innes Centre
“A varied and interesting agenda dealing with some of the most pressing issues facing us today.”