The global pandemic has forced enterprises to fundamentally change the way they do business, accelerating existing trends in remote working, AI adoption rates and employee relations. Many have adapted quickly to this new normal. However, the transition has exposed a need for business leaders, policy-makers and educators to address major shortcomings in skills, innovation, employment contracts and organisational structures. Across its three landmark events, the FT’s Future of Work series will consider the technological, personnel and workplace challenges and opportunities for leaders to survive and thrive in a future world of work that is already upon us.

Is the pandemic accelerating AI and automation and what are the implications of this?

What are the productivity and privacy threats and opportunities posed by 5G and rapid uptake of cloud-based services?

How can enterprises preserve jobs, maintain continuity, manage and create ‘value’ for employees?

How can businesses, governments and higher education identify skills gaps, and reskill, upskill and redeploy workers at pace and scale?

What is the future of the workplace and the potential economic and social impacts of office closures and home-working?

Are freelancing and flexible workforces the new normal? How will contracts and workers’ rights need to evolve?

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