Whilst the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated innovation in workplace strategy, the catastrophic impact the crisis has had on many industries, companies and employees cannot be denied. As the prospect of a viable vaccine becomes a reality, organisations must continue to address the fallout of the crisis, whilst attempting to build better, more resilient and future-ready organisations in the process. Following a successful launch in 2020, the FT’s Future of Work Series returns in 2021 to address the defining issues facing businesses, and their employees, at this pivotal moment in the world of work. Framed through the lens of four key topic areas, the series will delve into the issues facing organisations navigating the transition, and bring together the teams responsible for driving change.

Has innovation now happened too fast? What is the impact on the workforce and can we keep up with the fast pace of change?

Tackling the skills gap: Turning rhetoric into action.

How might the concept of ‘work from home’ evolve into ‘work from anywhere’, and what are the associated legal, technological and social implications?

The future of the office: A blueprint for future workspaces

What does the next generation ‘Omnichannel workplace’ look like?

Creating next-level communication and collaboration in the workplace

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