The global car industry is experiencing profound uncertainty and a powerful set of forces are converging. Our 2020 agenda helps carmakers to not only identify the critical risks to their business but also leverage the new opportunities that these forces present. Over three days of interactive sessions, we will cover major key themes such as...

Supply chain shake-up: How has the coronavirus crisis changed supply chain thinking?

Climate-embattled world: How will carmakers sustain the momentum for environmental change precipitated by Covid-19?

Data explosion: How are carmakers and Tier 1s leveraging technologies to improve company performance in a gloomy economic environment?

The talent race: As tech giants seek to develop their own manufacturing capacity, what can carmakers do to retain their existing talent base?

Dealing with disruption: How are carmakers reorganising themselves for business in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world?

Head of Market Intelligence, Nissan Europe
“Good speaker line-up covering hot industry topics.”