As the emphasis shifts from crisis management to a post-covid future, what does recovery entail for the manufacturing sector? How can manufacturers strike a balance between immediate economic imperatives and longer-term visions of more automated, sustainable operations? With the sector so crucial to GDP growth, how will policymakers and government continue to support the recovery?

Our three agendas for the 2021 Future of Manufacturing Series will address all these crucial questions and more.

Held over three focussed briefings, the discussions will address the key challenges with focussed content and an engaged audience

How can key stakeholders, from the policymakers to corporates, take bold and coordinated action to support the recovery in the sector?

How are new policies and government support helping? Should greater emphasis be placed on stimulus and recovery packages, especially for SMEs?

How can the board lead the sustainability revolution?

A vision for connected operations- Is 5G the game changer?

What role will wearables play in equipping employers and workers with new insights and capabilities?

Associate Professor, Bristol Robotics Laboratory
“An excellent opportunity to get a view on issues of importance from decision makers.”