As the COVID-19 crisis took hold globally in February and March, the entire Nordic region had a promising outlook. The prospects for the economies were exciting as current accounts were in surplus and government debt was substantially lower than those of their Western European counterparts. But, overnight the pandemic effectively closed Europe and the oil price crashed - having a big impact on Norway in particular. As such, Nordic bonds experienced a significant draw-down and the Nordic market fought to absorb the many waves of selling. But now, Nordic countries seemed to have minimised the worst of the impact.

Our 2020 agenda looks at the key factors that are set to transform Nordic investment and tackles key questions such as...

What is the investment outlook for the Nordic region today?

Have global opportunities shifted across regional investment markets?

Which asset classes are investors now looking at?

How can investors integrate positive ESG impacts within the investment process?

How should C-suite executives manage challenges in an age of change and innovation?

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