The need for gender equality is widely accepted, yet progress on achieving this in the workplace is in danger of grinding to a halt. Our 2021 agenda tackles the questions that need to be addressed.

The future of work: How has Covid-19 impacted the working conditions for women?

Resilience: Failure is a key ingredient to success. Nonetheless, how do you survive knockbacks and empower resilience?

Leadership: How do you ensure you are being inclusive in your leadership approach?

Industry game-changers: A series of interviews with people shaking up different aspects of their industries

Rebalancing the boardroom: There's no point in any of our efforts if the boardroom is still dominated by white men

Better for everyone: Realising the widespread business and economic advantages of gender equality at the top of business.

Patricia Bindi, Head of Commercial Banking HSBC, Abelle LTD
“It was a perfect day with people who've been inspiring and leading me to think how to keep improving gender equality every day.”