It’s been a year of urgency, innovation and collaboration in healthcare and life sciences. The US Pharma and Biotech Summit is the key annual event for professionals interested in the latest developments in drug discovery, clinical trials, market access, manufacturing and supply is adapting to meet a new set of challenges and opportunities for the post-pandemic era.

Will the legacy of solidarity from the pandemic endure in a country where competition is king? How is the rise of AI and analytics transforming R&D? What are the prospects for US healthcare reform? All these questions and more will be addressed at the FT’s keystone annual US pharma event on May 5th and 6th 2021.

Beyond the pandemic: Will the legacy of collaboration endure?

US healthcare reform: What is the new administration proposing?

Transforming product life-cycles: How are R&D, market access and supply chains evolving?

What’s the potential impact of advanced therapies and how might certain challenges around market access be overcome?

What will it really mean to be ‘’patient-centric’’ in a post-pandemic world and how can it support strategic goals?

2020 Attendee, US Pharma & Biotech Summit
“A great way to gather insights and learn from leaders in our field.”