The coronavirus pandemic has shaken economies, businesses and markets to their core. In every industry around the world, companies are adapting to survive and stay relevant. At the same time, policy-makers are taking extraordinary risks measures to get countries and economies back on track. To advance this urgent agenda and debate what is needed to recover, the agenda for the second FT Global Boardroom will include a series of live online conversations between senior FT journalists and expert speakers.

This event will build on the success of the first Global Boardroom by expanding further into different regions of the world, with in-depth sessions structured around several key themes...

Economics and geopolitics: Assessing the impact of the US election, the state of financial markets, the dangers of corporate debt and the future of trade

Rethinking business: How to enhance productivity and business resilience in uncertain times and the impacts of the rise of the digital workplace?

Emerging markets: Focusing on Asia, Africa and South America, which countries and regions have investment opportunities and what steps are needed to avoid economic and humanitarian crises?

ESG: Will the pandemic accelerate or delay the clean energy transition and how will this shape the future of all types of energy companies and cities?

Health: Insights from the key players involved in the mission to beat COVID-19 and transform healthcare systems

Disrupted industries: Can high-street retailers survive the mass shift to e-commerce? What is the future of mobility in a world where travel is more restricted and can tech help repair dislocated supply chains?

Tech: What’s the role of technology in making businesses more agile and resilient post-pandemic?

Dealmaking: Even being at its lowest level in more than a decade, what role could M&A play in helping to shape an economic recovery?

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“Quality of discussion was exceptional during each panel and individual presentation”