The fourth edition of The Global Boardroom will discuss the specific policies and practical measures that government and business can undertake to ensure the recovery from the pandemic and economic crisis is resilient and sustainable.

Taking place just a few weeks after COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference due to take place in Glasgow, the event will look closely at how net zero objectives are transforming decision-making, while also gauging the impact of new technologies on the fabric of businesses, markets and society.

Economics and geopolitics: Prospects for growth and the disruptive risks facing governments, nations and economies. How will policy-makers manage the high levels of debt built up during the pandemic? How can they address rising levels of inequality? What new trade agreements could we see in the coming year? Can the European Union maintain solidarity? How are US-China relations evolving? What are the key threats to stability around the world?

Disrupted industries: Influential forces reshaping key sectors, including manufacturing, transport, tourism, retail, education, energy, agriculture and sport. How is technology transforming your industry? Will hybrid working dominate in a post-pandemic world? What can be done to make supply chains more efficient and flexible?

Finance & investment: A detailed look at capital flows and the future of money. As central banks deepen their exploration of digital currencies, how will private sector innovations evolve, and what are the risks to the broader financial system? How will capital markets respond to a possible unwinding of ultra-easy monetary policy? What is the focus for M&A as the recovery gathers pace?

Health: Insights from key players involved in managing the pandemic and the health of populations. Is the pandemic really ending or are we just moving into another phase? How are healthcare systems evolving? How can we build on the incredible achievements of healthcare and life sciences professionals during the pandemic?

Climate and ESG: Perspectives from leaders in business and government. Can policy-makers meet their climate commitments after COP26? What role will carbon pricing and carbon taxes play? How are ESG criteria evolving? What changes are we seeing in the way companies and investors approach issues like employee wellbeing, diversity and sustainability?

Emerging markets: Regional shifts and trends in APAC, Africa and Latin America. How are developing countries around the world dealing with the impact of the pandemic on economic growth and the health of populations? Where are we seeing the highest levels of investment to support growth and opportunity for business? What can be done to ease the pressure of debt facing many nations?

Tech: Visions of a future defined by digital disruption. Will the recovery be led by technology? How are businesses being technologically transformed in areas such as R&D, supply chains and marketing? Where and when will we see technologies like 5G being introduced more widely?