As COVID-19 continues to spread, how effective will the vaccination programmes be and to what extent have they brought forward the timing of a recovery? What impact will the new US administration have in bringing more domestic and international stability? What should businesses do to adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic, in order to assure future growth and competitiveness? What are the priorities for emerging markets as they rebuild?

This event will build on the success of the first two Global Boardrooms by expanding further into different regions of the world, with in-depth sessions structured around several key themes…

Economics and geopolitics: Assessing the structural upheavals from the crisis; the impact of a Biden administration; new trade pacts; the future of Europe post-Brexit; China-US relations; geopolitical tensions in APAC and cyber warfare.

Disrupted industries: The disruptive forces reshaping key industrial sectors. How are supply chains being rebuilt in readiness for a recovery? What is the impact of changing workplace environments?

Banking, finance & investment: To what extent has the crisis accelerated banking’s digital transformation? How is the extended period of low interest rates affecting banks, markets, private equity and corporate finance? What is the focus for M&A pre-recovery?

Health: Insights from key players involved in vaccine programmes and continuing pandemic management. To what extent has the crisis transformed healthcare systems and where could we see policy reforms?

ESG: Will climate take centre stage as policy-makers focus on resilience to future shocks? How has the crisis changed the way companies and investors approach environmental and social sustainability, including diversity? What broader impact will this have?

Emerging markets: How are low and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America coping with the economic and social fallout of the pandemic? What are the priorities as they rebuild? Can technology accelerate their recovery? How pressing is debt relief?

Tech: How are regulators balancing requirements around privacy and fair competition with the need to encourage continued innovation? Will tech be a catalyst for turning the crisis into a development opportunity in Latin America? How transformative will the rollout of 5G be in 2021?

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, Canada
“Dealing with the health crisis is the best way to protect the economy.”