Past Speakers

Lena Sellgreen,

Chief Economist,

Business Sweden

Torbjörn Hamnmark,

Head of Strategic Asset Allocation,


Christer Franzen,

Chief Investment Officer,

Ericsson Pensionstiftelse

Fredrik Lundeborg,

Head of Infrastructure Investments,


Annie Bersagel,

Portfolio Manager - ESG,


Gunnela Hahn,

Head of Responsible Investment,

The Church of Sweden

Juha Kilponen,

Head of Monetary Policy and Research,

Bank of Finalnd

Peter Martin Larsen,

Investment Director, Direct Equity,


Todd Bridges,

Head of ESG Research & Development,

State Street Global Advisors

Lars Lindblom,

Portfolio Manager,


Anders Petter Wik,

Head of Investment,

DNB Livsforsikring AS

Peter Lööw,

Head of Responsible Investment,


Mikael Falck,

Head of Alternative Investments,

Kåpan Pensioner

Andreas Summersea,


Bliwa Livförsäkring

David Averre,

Head of Credit Analysis,

Insight Investment

Lauri Vaittinen,

Senior Vice President - Investment Solutions,

Mandatum Life

Juhani Lehtonen,

Head of Fixed Income & Market Strategy Investment Solutions,

Mandatum Life

Filip Weintraub,

Portfolio Manager,

Labrusca Family Office

Mike Bessell,

Senior Director - European Research Strategist,

Invesco Real Estate

Andy Rothman,

Investment Strategist,

Matthews Asia

Gareth Payne,

Senior Client Portfolio Manager - Distressed Debt,

Pictet Asset Management

Pádraig Floyd,


Money Journey Media

Richard Milne,

Nordic and Baltic Correspondent,

Financial Times

2020 Attendee
“Quality speakers at the top of their game. The FT does not shy away from providing speakers who offer a controversial view in an area which is by its very nature conservative.”