Event Overview

The FT’s NextGen conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to access and influence young, high net worth individuals who are seeking to learn more about global trends, opportunities and challenges, as well as fresh new products and services. Taking place on 22 October 2020, the event provides unique opportunities to influence and connect with new and influential business owners, directors and managers via a new digital medium.

Hear from key NextGen influencers and leaders who are reshaping generational tastes, goals and priorities.

Highlight your brand’s consciousness of the concerns and challenges facing the next generation.

Access hard-to-reach, high-income young professionals seeking innovative new services and products.

Learn more about the aspirations of a demographic with $1.3 Trillion spending power, constituting 64% of the global population.

10+ hours of FT-curated content and activities designed to inform, influence and inspire Millennials and Gen Z.

Bringing a unique digital dimension to the FT’s most fashionable event

2019 Attendee
“An excellent event which appealed both to me and my 16 year old daughter. Informative and current with an excellent range of speakers.”

Confirmed speakers include:

Iona Bain,


Young Money Blog

Luke Edward Hall,

Artist & designer

Justin McLeod,



Marine Tanguy,

CEO and founder,


Aindrea Emelife,

Curator, art writer and broadcaster

Richard Donnell,

Director of Research and Insight,


1500+ attendees
20% C-suite / Director level attendees
25% of attendees with annual income over £75k
55% of attendees in the 23-34 age bracket