The last year has witnessed mass racial and climate protests, a global pandemic, a worldwide recession, and increased tension between traditional ruling elites and new disruptive media. The FT’s NextGen conference provides a unique opportunity to consider the implications of these momentous events for the young generation.

How can freelancers better organise their finances and deal with the Covid-19 recession?

Are businesses responding sufficiently to address social and economic inequality, and environmental degradation?

How has Covid-19 shaped online culture, from news absorption, to socialising, leisure and dating

What are the challenges, opportunities and best approaches for investing in property and art?

Is there a serious disconnect between public health guidance and the NextGen approach to Covid-19?

To what extent can decentralised advocacy and social platforms drive real change from politicians and businesses?

2019 Attendee
“Loved the event - great speakers and panels, such a wide variety of themes and all very accessible”