Who does it

FT Live is a global business.

We are a team of over 100 events professionals across the globe delivering over 200 events a year. And we are supported by the FT’s broader network of editorial, tech and financial expertise.

Our events influence decision makers around the world. Our attendees come from more than 200 different countries representing a truly global audience.

The Senior Leadership Team

Orson Francescone, Managing Director, FT Live

Creating value out of organised chaos, think Jack Welch and Leonard Bernstein and you're nearly there. +44 (0)20 7873 3405

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Tania Marshall, Global Marketing Director, FT Live

I am responsible for FT Live's marketing efforts across inbound, outbound, data, and design; ensuring that what we do is aligned to strategic priorities, driving business growth, and elevating the FT Live brand globally.

I am also a part of the FT's Senior Management Group and the Global Marketing Council, and help to contribute to the FT's broader strategic and commercial objectives. +44 (0)7912 188466

Ask questions, provide solutions, get involved, have fun.

Jeff Wagner, Global Head of Content, FT Live

I am responsible for content across all of FT Live's events – both core, multi-sponsored conferences and bespoke, single-sponsored strategic solutions. I manage a team of permanent and freelance content editors and am the main contact with the FT journalists who chair all our events. +44 (0)7899 915559

Be creative while always keeping commercial objectives and processes in mind.

Ed Cutts, Global Head of Commercial

As Global Head of Commercial I am responsible for all FT Live revenues. In my role, I direct our commercial strategy and manage FT Live's sponsorship, delegate sales, and customer services teams globally. I also represent FT Live commercially within the FT Senior Management Group. +44 (0)7872 158722

As well as gaining a full understanding of FT Live's business make sure to engage with colleagues in other departments in order to understand the FT brand as a whole.

Diana Whittington, Special Projects Director

I am the special projects director at FT Live.  Special projects look after a number of different portfolios, including commodities events, Africa Summit and various awards  -  Business Book of the Year Award, Boldness in Business, Prix Pictet and Transformational Business. +44 (0)7793 697842

Read the FT and familiarise yourself with what it does!

Cat Stokes, Global Director of Strategic Solutions

I am responsible for heading up the Strategic Solutions team within FT Live. +44 (0)7984 604162

The culture and people are great. Ask lots of questions and get stuck in!

Claire Arpa, Head of FT Live, Americas

My key objectives include accelerating growth and strengthening the events offering within the Americas region, overseeing the US FT Live team, and maintaining an open and collaborative culture with internal and external stakeholders. +1 917 551 5045

Be curious, collaborative, open to new ideas and ways of doing things, and willing to share learnings.

Chris Howells, Head of Strategy & Performance

As Head of Strategy & Performance I work across multiple business areas (within FT Live and across FT Group) delivering strategic initiatives which drive forward FT Live's long-term goals. In practice, this can mean I'm involved with a very wide variety of projects from technology procurement to event pricing strategy to building business cases for investment. +44 (0)7763 575 631

Figure out how you can improve something and take the initiative.

Coming Soon, Director of Event Delivery, FT Live

Coming Soon, Head of Specialists Events, FT Live

Other key people

Sophie Roberts, Commercial Support Executive 

My role is executive assistant to Orson (MD), Ed (Global Head of Commercial) and also the support for the commercial team with admin and salesforce assistance. +44 (0)20 7873 3755

Embrace any opportunities that come your way!

Lucy Allen, Senior Finance Manager, FT Live & FT Specialist

As a Senior Finance Manager, my role involves supporting the Managing Directors, Senior Leadership Teams and the wider businesses of FT Live & FT Specialist to aid delivery of our short to long term strategic objectives; alongside my brilliant team, we achieve this through forward planning, analysis & modelling of our financial performance. +44 (0)20 7775 6984

Don't be afraid to ask questions - be curious, inquisitive & brave enough to drive change and challenge the norm.

James Webb, Product Director Community

I lead our product team efforts to find ways to grow digital membership and subscriptions revenue for the Community strategy at the FT. In 2021 we're working closely with our events businesses to transition them into thriving digital experiences. Our vision is to leverage the collective intelligence and authority of our professional audiences, providing a place to connect, exchange ideas, learn and do business. +44 (0)7725 218214

The FT is a complex organisation made up of many teams, departments, each with their own little subcultures - that with the best intentions, don't always pull in the same direction. Getting to know how all of the networks interact with each other will help you find a happy and successful path.

Nikola Ivanov, Principal Engineer

Tech lead for the Community pillar - leading on tactical and strategic solutions for the evolution of both the technical estate of the Events businesses but also the common identity across and the Events businesses.

Principal engineer for the Membership Platform - leading the team of engineers who are responsible for the technical evolution of the Membership Platform. +359889352462

Don't worry if you don't know the answer to something, there is always someone to help you, so don't be shy - ask.

Amanda Burns, Delivery Director

My role as a delivery director is to ensure we have the capability and capacity to deliver our product and technology strategy - to know what course we need to lay in and what our destination looks like, then keep the ship steady and moving, ensure we have a happy healthy crew, and navigate around the many hurdles we encounter along the way. On a day to day that might mean managing our funding, securing resources, tackling risks before they become issues, creating plans, sharing progress and liaising with the many teams we work with both inside and outside of P&T. +44 (0)7910 049530

Meet, talk, listen and learn from as many people as possible outside your area.

Jake Wilson, Head of HR, APAC and HR Business Partner, FT Live

I provide strategic support across all HR areas including; people planning, organisational development and design, talent and engagement strategies, mergers and acquisitions, compensation and benefits, and diversity & inclusion. +852 2905 5572

Take the opportunity to try new things and get out of your comfort zone!

Angela Mackay, Global Publisher, FT Live and Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Financial Times

Based in Hong Kong, she is a member of the FT’s global board. As Global Publisher for FT Live, Mackay leads business and strategy development for conferences, events and communities, including FT Forums and Board Director Programme.

Be bold, work smart and explore the broader FT universe. There are lots of opportunities to collaborate with peers and forge new paths.

Leyla Boulton, Development Editor, FT Live, Senior Editor, FT

My mission is to accelerate collaboration between editorial and FT events to make the events as great as they can be and to diversify the journalists we deploy on FT Live and the FT’s other events businesses.

Welcome to the home of the smart, humane and curious, working to make the world a better place