The global pandemic is still a major challenge for investors, asset managers and companies, and their focus on sustainability continues to be tested amid panicked markets and the prospect of a global recession. How investors respond in 2021, as long-term stewards of capital, will define their enduring influence on markets. Across the FT Investing for Good series, our 2021 agendas will drill down into the critical action points and explore the following key themes....

ESG investing in the age of COVID-19 – taking a back seat or now more important than ever?

What more can policy makers and the Government do to align business investment and sustainability, amid an uncertain economic environment?

Tech4Good: How can investors ensure that the companies they are investing in are making genuine social and environmental impact?

Two targets: Can impact and profit co-exist in the investment arena?

The bigger challenge: How can the climate emergency be successfully financed?

Head of Advisory Compliance, Baring Asset Management
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