Hydrogen has enjoyed waves of popularity before but it has never achieved its full potential due to the costs and complexity associated with its development. But is that about to change? With governments now firmly supportive, the next decade could be for hydrogen what the 1990s were for wind and solar. As a clean energy source, hydrogen can help decarbonise the world’s most polluting industries as well as fuelling our cars, heating our homes and unleashing the full potential of renewable energy. Yet the massive investment required to make hydrogen efficient and cost-competitive will not happen without regulation, subsidies and the support of politicians. Through a range of keynote interviews and panel discussions, we will tackle some of hydrogen’s most pressing topics including...

Power Pricing: How far do renewable energy prices have to fall to make green hydrogen cost-competitive?

Hydrogen and Decarbonisation: What part can hydrogen play in cleaning up the world’s most polluting industries?

The Role of Policymakers: How are climate ministers helping to make the green hydrogen revolution a reality?

Clean Energy Majors: Who are the companies best placed to become Europe’s new energy majors?

Fuel of the Future: How far can hydrogen go in fuelling the mass transportation of people and products?

Infrastructure: How can policymakers and corporations work together to ensure hydrogen moves from where it is produced to where it is consumed?

Founder & Executive Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative
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