Event Overview

The FT’s Global Food Systems conference is a benchmark event for farmers, agri-businesses and retailers across the agri-food sector. Hosted on 3 November 2020, the event brings together senior executives and thought leaders from the UK, EU, USA, Latin America and Africa, to examine how stakeholders can bring greater resilience, innovation and sustainability to global food systems.

Skillfully moderated by leading FT correspondents, the 2020 conference expands upon five years’ of FT events on the future of food and agriculture through a new and exciting digital format.

Digitally connect with over 700 leading executives, experts and innovators in the global food sector

Gain insight on the challenges and priorities of decision-makers in food production, processing, transport and retail

10+ hours of FT-curated content designed to generate collaboration on resilience, innovation and sustainability

Help shape the debate on global food security through interactive digital seminars, workshops and content

Built upon over 5 years of trusted and successful FT food and agriculture conferences

President & CEO, Farm Foundation
“FT Global Food Systems was one of the best I’ve experienced at cultivating diversity in speakers across many dimensions - gender, race, age, stakeholders, geography and perspectives. Even to the point of some uncomfortable conversations. But those are exactly the conversations that need to be happening.”

Confirmed speakers include:

Caroline Lucas,


The Green Party

Jake Fiennes,

General Manager - Conservation,

Holkham Estate

Roselyn Fosuah Adjei,


Climate Change Forestry Commission, Ghana

Ian Boyd,

Marine and polar scientist, former Chief Scientific Advisor on Food and the Environment,


30+ leading speakers
700+ attendees
Senior representatives from the UK, EU, USA, Latin America and Africa
Experts and decision-makers from across the entire value chain
50% C-suite / senior level officials in attendance