Covid-19 has exposed the frailties of low margin food supply lines in an industry already struggling to safely feed a growing population in a rapidly changing climate. Bringing together 30+ outstanding speakers and 700+ attendees across the value chain, the FT’s Global Food Systems conference provides a unique forum to help boost the ability of the global agri-food sector to work together to reduce its negative ecological and societal impacts whilst maintaining profit in a post-pandemic global recession.

What can the agri-food sector learn from the rapidly-mobilised global response to Covid-19?

What can be done to encourage investment and new resources for a ‘green’ recovery and net zero food initiatives?

What technologies and approaches exist to reduce costs whilst improving decision-making, productivity and sustainability?

What choices and options face agri-businesses and policymakers in driving resilience to climate change?

How far are consumer preferences changing and how far can the industry help guide this shift?

What finance instruments and policies are required to help with agricultural land use conversion?

Head of Crop Transformation Group, John Innes Centre
“A varied and interesting agenda dealing with some of the most pressing issues facing us today.”