As countries ease out of national lockdowns and workplaces reopen to employees, the future of work is still to be determined. Whilst 2021 saw companies globally adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic and digitise at an unprecedented pace, the year 2022 will be a crucial period in which leadership teams must decide on their workplace and workforce strategy going forward, which in turn will affect their ability to deliver positive outcomes for employees, customers and investors.

The FT’s Future of Work series will return to address the challenges facing businesses and their employees in the world of work, as many continue to experiment with in-person, remote and hybrid working strategies.

The series will focus on three key topic areas; the physical workplace, crafting company culture and getting the best results from digital work tools.

The future of office spaces: do we need them?

How has the uptake in digitalisation reshaped homes and cities?

How can organisations create inclusive cultures in remote workplaces?

What does a future leader look like in a hybrid world?

How can you effectively use virtual reality in the workplace?

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