It has never been a more challenging time for the global automotive industry. A powerful set of human, technological and natural forces have converged to produce a business environment in flux and fraught with uncertainty. The nature and pace of change is unprecedented. Carmakers no longer have to contend only with other carmakers. They now have to compete with a new value chain too, one that includes cash rich, nimble businesses expert in areas beyond the core competencies car-makers have spent over a century fine-honing. As the shadow of climate change lengthens, and the shared, connected, autonomous, and electric future of mobility closes in, carmakers must pivot - or they will fail. To compete on these new data-driven fronts, and to prepare for the disruption still to come, the traditional car industry must urgently develop new skills, new strategies, and new strategic alliances.

As the evolution of the auto industry picks up speed, what must OEMs and Tier 1s do to stay in front?

At our 7th annual Future of the car summit we will zero-in on the shift to electric, the ‘software-defined’ car, developments in the EV battery space, consumer trends, skills and talent, emerging technologies, new business models, and the car industry’s role in the move towards a net-zero global economy. Future of the Car is a must-attend, strategy-focussed conference for anyone leading at the juncture of traditional automotive industry practice and technology-driven disruption. It is the only automotive summit to attract the most visionary CEOs and thinkers for an objective analysis of the industry’s toughest challenges.

Supply chain shake-up: How are shocks and shortages impacting the automotive supply chain?

Climate-embattled world: How will carmakers sustain the momentum for environmental change precipitated by Covid-19?

Data explosion: How are carmakers and Tier 1s leveraging technologies to improve company performance in a gloomy economic environment?

The talent race: As tech giants seek to develop their own manufacturing capacity, what can carmakers do to retain their existing talent base?

Dealing with disruption: How are carmakers reorganising themselves for business in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world?

Head of Business, Jaguar Land Rover
“The speakers and guests were at the top of their profession and of the moment, they were submerged in the subject matter. The moderators were great, kept pace and timing whilst adding their own personality into the mix.”