The global news industry is fighting for survival amid intense financial pressures, attacks from politicians and pressure groups, rising populism, disinformation campaigns, and digital disruptors. As it tries to adapt, the industry must fast-track digital strategies, fund reporters, and maintain real-time, high-quality coverage of major global shifts, including the coronavirus pandemic, mass racial justice and climate protests, a looming economic depression, and a highly contentious US election. The FT Future of News conference provides a vital forum to analyse the challenges and potential solutions for the industry’s on-going survival and relevance in these unprecedented contexts.

Who should and who will fund quality journalism for a news-hungry public?

How can business models adapt to the deepening economic crisis, plunging ad revenues and heavy job cuts?

What challenges lie ahead in a post-pandemic world?

How is the global news business being transformed by the crises it is reporting on?

How are media businesses reviewing their reportage and demographics to reflect social changes?

2019 Attendee
“An incredible lineup with insightful discussion”