What will future mobility look like, what will it cost and what will it take to get there? The coronavirus has had a drastic impact on the mobility we take for granted and understanding what will be the lasting effects in terms of how we live our lives as workers and consumers is crucial? Furthermore, as demand patterns shift and environmental stresses increase, what transportation will we need to get around and deliver goods and services? Our 2020 digital agenda brings mobility’s foremost thinkers together to answer these questions and tackle the industry’s key topics such as…

Future urban mobility: What are the big picture trends that will dictate the roadmap we use for future transportation?

Smart cities: Assessing the ‘15-minute’ city and how urban spaces can adapt

Regional connectivity: Analysing the financial constraints, differing local demands and the fragmented nature of national transport systems

Data optimisation: How can digitalisation help unite systems, promote sustainability and enable better mobility management?

Decarbonisation: Has the pandemic helped or hindered the shift to sustainable mobility?

Technical Marketing Director, Johnson Matthey
“An excellent balance of topics delivered by expert speakers, with engaging moderators and great networking!”