As the global economy comes back to life after the coronavirus pandemic the biggest issue of the age looms large for the commodity trading industry: climate change. Ignoring global warming is not an option and to succeed, companies will have to play a part in the shift to cleaner forms of energy. The industry will also have to reflect on a world that has been radically reshaped by Covid-19, a volatile geopolitical backdrop and rapid technological advances which are changing the rules of global trade and bringing greater transparency to markets.

Our 2020 agenda features the industry’s biggest names addressing the issues that matter most at the dawn of the new decade.

CEO spotlight: Assessing how commodity leaders are navigating the energy transition and Covid-19

Clean energy: How will companies develop sustainable business models and new relationships with key stakeholders, from financing banks to the end consumer and civil society?

Global trade rules: How will industry trade and market transparency move forward in a world that’s been radically reshaped in recent months?

Focus sessions: Two additional sessions on the future and evolution of NOCs and the outlook for oil and gas, renewable energy and agriculture in Latin America.

Disruptive technology: Reshaping commodity trading through digitisation

MD, The Metals Risk Team
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