Mining is at a crossroads. As the shift to cleaner forms of energy accelerates, the industry has a key part to play in providing the metals and minerals that will drive the mass adoption of electric vehicles and the growth of renewable power. But as increasingly demanding consumers and investors weigh social, environmental and governance metrics, the industry will have to tell its story better. This involves changing perceptions on vital issues such as climate change and safety and articulating clearly the role mining plays in supporting and sustaining economic growth.

By bringing the industry’s biggest names together, our 2020 agenda will tackle these key themes and look ahead to a new future of mining.

Seizing opportunities: How can the sector embrace technology, reskill its workforce and convince policymakers that the activity of mining can be done differently?

Leaders’ Debate: Despite contributing significantly to the world’s economy, how can mining alter its negative perceptions?

The outlook for gold: The CEO of the world’s biggest mining company shares his views on the future of this precious metal

Society and the environment: Can mining really go green and how can they decarbonise their operations?

Rethinking mining: Comparatively, the level of technological maturity in mining is low. How can the industry rethink its tech strategy?

Attendee, FT Commodities Global Summit 2019
“Excellent level of delegates as ever. Good debate. Well informed speakers. Smooth organisation.”