Series Overview

The Financial Times, in partnership with the UNFCCC High-Level Climate Action Champions, is hosting a series of high-level digital events throughout the year in the run-up to the much-anticipated COP26. This series consists of one main flagship summit followed by three half-day forums, each focusing on a specific sector or topic.

30th March 2021: FT Climate Capital Live Summit - The Race to Net-Zero

Moderated by some of our most senior journalists including our editor, Roula Khalaf, this full-day virtual conference will gather climate ministers, central bank governors, world-renowned climate ambassadors, climate finance experts, leaders of NGOs and industry CEOs. The extended full-day agenda includes dedicated topics on regions around the world, including China and the US, ultimately drawing in a truly global audience.

June 2021: FT Climate Capital Forum - Investing in Net-Zero Food Solutions

The first of our three half-day forums will address one of climate change’s most pressing challenges - how to incentivise adequate levels of green investment that will enable the food industry to have a fighting chance of reaching net-zero emissions.

October 2021: FT Climate Capital Forum - The Path to Bigger and Better Green Capital Flows

Green finance will ultimately underpin the success of every industry transformation when it comes to decarbonisation. However, climate finance doesn’t just refer to the private investments put into corporate transformation. How nations of differing wealth transfer climate capital funds to poorer countries play a vital role in the success of the global fight against climate change. But what do these ‘’flows’’ of green capital actually represent and how easy will they be to transfer?

November 2021: FT Climate Capital Forum - Prioritising Climate Action in Smart Cities

Urban areas play a vital role in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately attain net-zero standards. The path to a cleaner, greener future in cities means electrification, ride-sharing, and more walking and cycling. But prioritizing these mobility solutions will test the limits of infrastructure and potentially even disrupt the market for energy supply. Can existing networks cope with increased demand and how can policymakers put climate at the forefront of their urban planning?

Hear from climate and environment ministers as they make policy preparations ahead of COP26

Digitally connect with over 1,500 senior climate figures from policy, finance, industry and NGOs

Hosted in partnership with high-level climate champions from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

One extended full-day agenda followed by three half-day forums of FT-curated content covering topics from finance to policy and regions from China to America

Meet and do business with senior executives from all functions of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain

CISO, Iberdrola
“FT Events allow relevant industry experts, speakers as well as attendees, to share insights and discuss topics that will shape the future of the industry and economy.”

FT Moderators Include:

Roula Khalaf, Editor, Financial Times

Emiliya Mychasuk, Climate Editor, Financial Times

Pilita Clark, Associate Editor, Financial Times

Leslie Hook, Environment and Clean Energy Correspondent, Financial Times

Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

4 digital events
1,500+ attendees
80+ speakers
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“It takes the global reputation of the FT to be able to attract the high calibre of speakers/superstars to a conference.”