As nations set a path for economic recovery, our agendas will dive deep into the green investment criteria required, understand how climate finance will be reported and monitored, cut through the jargon and underpin what a successful race to net-zero means for all sectors and nations.

Through a range of keynote interviews, digital debates and panel discussions, we will tackle some of climate change’s most pressing topics including…

How are climate ministers setting out a path to lower emissions during the race to net-zero and beyond?

Investing in a $100 carbon price world: What more can be done to propel the world to an effective level of carbon pricing?

How far will central bankers go in pushing through a climate finance agenda?

Digital debate: Is natural gas the new coal?

Ahead of COP26: What will success in Glasgow really look like?

How is the US going to re-enter the race to net-zero?

Founder & Executive Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative
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