The luxury goods sector has proven remarkably resilient throughout the Covid-19 crisis, with analysts forecasting a near-full return to 2019 revenues this year as share prices continue to outperform the wider equity market. Yet the crisis has changed the relationship between luxury brands and their customers in profound ways. Our 2021 agenda will explore a range of crucial topics including the following key themes...

Leadership: We’ll speak to industry leaders about the foundations they’re laying for long-term global growth

Sustainability: Explore consumers’ fast-changing expectations of brands on climate policy and responsible leadership

Investment: Find out where venture capitalists and private equity investors are placing their bets

Sustainability and supply chains: With more and more consumers becoming vocal about the importance of sustainability, how will fashion companies manage sustainability targets alongside the bottom line?

Shopping abroad: FT travel editor Tom Robbins talks to a panel of experts about what comes next for travel, how brands can accelerate the recovery, and whether 2020 will cause a major pivot in how and where people travel.

Zino Davidoff
“The FT Luxury Summit is an annual, must go-to-event for any CEO or senior leader in the luxury industry. Topics and delegates come from a very wide area of backgrounds and expertise. Truly inspiring.”