Welcoming an international speaker-line up and reaching a high-level global audience, the conference will explore how existing income streams and deal-making within the game are being impacted by the pandemic, and what the road ahead looks like for the business of football in both the short and medium-term. We will also debate the broader reforms in the sport that have been catalysed by the crisis, and how such reforms are challenging established systems.

State of play: Redefining business models in a COVID world

The media landscape: Broadcasting revenues in an era of unbundling

Advancing women’s football to ensure long-term success and commercial growth

Dealmaking: Will owners look to M&A during the current state of uncertainty?

Investment: Attracting new sources of capital to the football industry

Understanding US investor appetite for European football

The future of football: the long road to agreeing an international match calendar

Head of Behavioral Insights & Business Analytics, The FA
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